Hi! Welcome to Off the Medical Grid! I'd like to officially invite you to join me in my efforts to help people learn about the power of functional medicine and how it can heal the world of chronic disease- outside of the use of medical procedures, such as drugs, surgery, chemo and radiation. 

When faced with a serious diagnosis for my husband, I went on a mission to find the most powerful alternative solutions to build health when the doctors told him there was no hope, and we had exhausted all viable medical options.

I believe what I've discovered can turn around the bleak epidemic of chronic disease,  the suffering and early death that is plaguing my generation, and threatens to make our children the "first generation that will not outlive their parents."

Join me on my quest to spread the word that there IS hope, with a growing community of functional and holistic health practitioners that are reversing diseases with lifestyle choices and drug-free therapies that are outside of the scope of medical care. 

Join me Off the Medical Grid!

I'd love to hear from you! Please find me on Facebook at Off the Medical Grid FB Community. If you are a practitioner, or have an inspirational story, I'd love to share it with our community.


Sending you peace and gratitude, 
Dori Martin, FDN-P, CMT



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