About Dori

Many of us are being left without hope under the current "symptom management" model of health care. We are a country that is overmedicated, over-stressed, and inundated with environmental toxins. Our foods are mostly processed and devoid of health-giving nutrients while infused with tons of disease-causing chemicals. 

After her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer and exhausted medical interventions with no success, they stepped out side of the medical model of care and found an amazing new paradigm of building health. Her husband found ways to thrive after experiencing the benefit of functional and alternative solutions. Inspired with hope and new solutions for building health, Dori set out on a mission to  get people to look "off the medical grid,"  by introducing the amazing and proven benefits of the functional method of building health and adding  lifestyle adjustments to heal from chronic and even terminal disease.

How will she do this? By interviewing practitioners who are coaching people back to health with drug-free, lifestyle adjustments. Finding  real people, with healing journeys  and have them share their stories of healing though holistic means.

So here begins their adventure, and we invite you along for a journey Off the Medical Grid. 

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Welcome to Off the Medical Grid!